7 types of customer service reps

Your customer service approach must have energy and interest.  Your people need energy and interest, so does your scripts and your message.

When we analyze any given situation in which the employee is “underperforming” there are often additional circumstances that contribute to underperformance. Corporate resources and support are important factors, as are follow through and manager involvement. In other words, it’s not always the employee’s “fault”.

To design the right performance improvement solution, it’s important to implement a training needs analysis first. If you skip the preliminary analysis and jump directly into a training solution, you will be left wondering why your training didn’t fix the problem or improve performance, etc.

Training Needs Analysis doesn’t always have to be a formal, extensive process. But some time must be dedicated to analyzing the resources and support learners have. Also a clear understanding of the training objectives is critical. Before you even prescribe a training solution, are you sure that you know the exact outcome you’re looking for? How will you know whether your training is successful unless you know exactly what attitude, skill, knowledge or behavior you’re training for? Your thoughts??

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